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Oct 23 2013

'Dart of Physics' campaign to target commuters for eight weeks:

A series of 12 ad cards are to run on the Dart and in Dart stations over the next eight weeks with the aim of changing the public perception of physics.

This is part of the ‘Dart of Physics’ campaign jointly led by the Schools and Physics and Education at Trinity College Dublin

The Dart cards include physics statements and puzzles such as ‘Everyone on the Dart is attracted to you….. gravitationally’ or ‘Why does the metal pole on the Dart feel colder than the seat?’, driving commuters to the website ‘’ to find out more.

The website,, will act as a hub for this project. As the eight-week campaign is rolled out, a series of blogs will be released linked to various physics topics covered and profiling physics careers.

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Research Fellow, School of Chemistry & CRANN, Trinity College Dublin

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