Morning Ireland talks about DART of Physics

Nov 14 2013

Our own Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin was on Morning Ireland to talk about DART of Physics and Science Week:

Science is for everybody, we don't want to claim ownership of it. But it's just about making people aware that science is extraordinary, it's not boring, it's to do with curiosity. There's loads of imagination in it. And actually, it's everywhere in the world around you, so whether you're walking and it's to do with frictional forces or whether you're on the DART and you're thinking about, well what are the stars making right this moment, and am I made up of those same atoms, or whether you're looking at bubbles and all of the maths that goes behind that. So science is everywhere in the world around you and not just in books.

You can listen to the full segment here.


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