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Videos, articles, games, podcasts and lesson plans - learn more about physics your way.

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Everyone on the DART is attracted to you... gravitationally. We all know that gravity is the reason why things fall to the ground when you drop them. Or when you jump, you don’t just float away...

A trip on the DART keeps you young. We think of time as linear, the inexorable marching rhythm of the universe going forward in one straight line. But time isn't constant.

Why does the metal pole on the Dart feel colder than the seat? If you put a finger on the metal pole on the DART and a finger on the fabric of the seat the metal feels colder. But why?

We are all made of stardust. There are many different types of atoms. And everything on this planet is made up of various combinations of them. Including you.

The Moon is Escaping the Earth. The moon has been the Earth’s nearest neighbour since around 4.5 billion years ago, but our constant companion is leaving Earth’s orbit…

Your Leap Card is 3 million times thicker than Graphene. We live in a three-dimensional world – but there are some materials that are so thin they are almost completely flat.

The spire is shorter when the weather is cool. The spire isn’t a constant height. It grows and shrinks depending on its temperature.

Is the person next to you standing too close? They’re mainly empty space. Every object around you is made from atoms – even you. So just like the person standing next to you on the DART, you’re mainly empty space.

Everyone on the DART is hot Mammals are pretty amazing creatures. We’re warm blooded, which gives us lots of advantages.

How many leaves fall in Dublin every Autumn? While it might be impractical to count the exact number of leaves that fall in Dublin each year, a physicist can approach a problem like this and break it down into manageable, logical sections and come up with an answer.

The DART rolls off, and the world rolls back It might not be noticeable to anyone but every time a DART pulls out of a station, it has an effect on the Earth.

Most of the light around you is invisible The human eye is an incredible piece of evolutionary engineering. But the eye is only able to see light of certain wavelengths – and it’s blind to much more light than it can see.

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