Nothing Is Solid

Nov 05 2013

Ok, so I’m a pretty curious person. But I’m no genius. I like to understand things & that’s it. I’m lacking that incredible philosophical mind that great mathematicians and physicists seem to possess & their ability to conceive new ways of seeing the world and our place in it.  But as long as I can figure information out in terms of categories & I can understand it, then I’m happy with that. And scale. Scale helps me too.

Walton, the only Irish Nobel Laureate in Science

Nov 04 2013

E.T.S. Walton created an instant world-wide scientific and media sensation when in 1932 he split the atomic nucleus by artificial means.  For this landmark achievement he and J.D. Cockcroft shared the 1951 Nobel prize for physics.  To this day Walton remains the only Irish Nobel Laureate in any of the sciences.

What can physics tell us about the weather?

Nov 04 2013

When most of us studied weather at school it was part of the subject of Geography. So what has science got to do with weather? The answer is everything. The weather we learned at school is more properly termed climatology: the study of weather averages and extremes, and is an important part of meteorology. Forecasting, however, is all about Physics, or understanding the forces that drive the weather we all experience.

There are three main drivers to the world’s weather.

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