Morning Edition on DART of Physics

Dec 05 2013

RTÉ's Morning Edition had a segment yesterday on DART of Physics doing demonstrations and an iPad giveaway in Pearse Street Station! You can watch it here, with the interview with Prof. Shane Bergin and discussions with TCD physics undergraduates beginning at 1:07. See Laura and Maurese explain why they love physics and how a van de Graaf generator works!

DART of Physics' Jessamyn Fairfield wins Physics Communicator Prize

Dec 03 2013

DART of Physics' own Jessamyn Fairfield, who has been writing and editing the blog during the DART of Physics campaign, has just received an award from the Institute of Physics in London for her science writing work. The Early Career Physics Communicator Award is given annually to people at the start of their careers in physics who have undertaken activities that support and encourage excellent communication of physics.


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